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5 Key Practices To Call In An Emotionally Available Man 


Self aware? Successful? Spiritually awake? Are you finally ready to meet the love of your life? 

In your heart, you just KNOW that you are made for deep and lasting love.  

You yearn for that feeling of safety that comes from being with someone who truly ‘sees’ and adores you. You long to experience a conscious relationship that gives you the space to shine your light out in the world, knowing that when you go home at night, you’re met by the warm embrace of your beloved.  

You’re committed to your personal development. You’re reading books, taking programs, getting coached. You’ve already done so much work on yourself and yet, you’re still single. Or unhappy in your relationship. 

You don’t want to settle nor do you want to be alone.  

  • Yet, you wonder why attracting the love of your life feels so confusing, especially given how committed you are to your personal growth and spiritual development.  
  • Or if you’re in a relationship, why you feel shut down. A part of you wants to leave and spread your wings, yet you fear you’ll never meet anyone, so you figure it’s better to stay.  
  • Or maybe the skills you’ve used to create success in the world just don’t work behind closed doors with a man...or you’re worried that your money or power is intimidating...yet you don’t want to settle for less than you deserve.  

Plus, you’re tired of the messaging that reinforces scarcity (Time is running out! There aren’t enough conscious men!) or that you’re doing something wrong (Not healed enough! You must be blocked!). 

Maybe you just haven’t been ready. Not because there’s anything wrong, but because you’ve been living your life! 

  • Maybe you’ve been doing other things...building a career, focusing on your healing journey, finding yourself. 
  • Maybe if you had married already, you would have settled. Or you’re already divorced because of this.  

And now, you’re ready.  

If you just know that extraordinary love is available to you and now you are ready, I want you to know you’re not alone. I’m here to help. 

After 1000 hours of research interviews with women just like you, plus over two decades spent in the relational psychology industry, I’ve cracked the relationship code that opens you to extraordinary love. 

If you are attracting men that aren’t emotionally unavailable, or no men at all, there is a reason for it. 

Even though studies may say it’s harder for conscious women to meet a good match, I’ve discovered what it takes to shift this.  

I’m going to shine the light on the #1 reason for this in these 5 key practices that I created for you so you don’t have to struggle in the dark anymore and I am so excited to share this with you. 

Perhaps you struggle with how... 

  • The men you date have so much potential and you believe if you just work on yourself enough, it could be really good 
  • You might with someone who know he’s not good for you...yet you can’t seem to walk away because the sex is so good 
  • You meet men you like, but you don’t want to make the first move, so often nothing happens. 
  • You wonder if the signal you are giving off is driving men away. 
  • If you’re dating someone, you’re anxiously waiting for his texts and when you don’t hear from him, you’re left feeling insecure - yet don’t want anyone to know this. 
  • You’re the one with the money and he’s broke and you fear that your success or money is intimidating  

The trick is to start recognizing that the challenges you face are happening FOR you, not TO you. They are subconsciously showing you something about yourself. 

The truth is, relationships are a sacred mirror. 

If you are experiencing any level of repetitive frustration or confusion, these practices will help you achieve clarity and support, so you’ll call in a match that mirrors this. 

These practices will help you get clear on..

  • Exactly what the clear steps are, that you can take starting now, that will raise your love frequency
  • What the three obstacle are that get in the way of you’re being open to receive, that you may not even be aware of.
  • How to increase your threshold for intimacy by updating your relationship model
  • What’s lingering from the past that you still need to let go of, that may be actually preventing you from getting close to someone - and I’ll teach you how to do this with ease and grace
  • Precisely how to transform the story you tell yourself about love, plus I’ll teach you what the three core inner attitudinal pivots are that free you up to create a new story, where you come out happy and adored. 

I’ve carefully and thoughtfully crafted this gift for you because I want you to experience the sweetness and joy that comes from a loving relationship.

I’ll take your hand and walk you through the core practices so you can call in a partner who is as ready and committed to relationship as you are.  

Do these sacred practices and you’ll get clear on what will free you up to be more available to call in a partner that matches your highest self - in 5 simple, yet powerful steps.  

You deserve to be with someone who can ‘meet’ you on the deepest level, where you feel truly seen, supported, cherished and adored.