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The 6 Surprising Reasons Conscious Women Struggle

By Gabriella Taylor, MA

Did you know that there are 6 surprising reasons that keep conscious, spiritually aware women from having the relationship of their dreams?

No matter how much you’ve already invested in your relationship happiness, if you’re not experiencing the loving relationship that you know deep in your heart you were born for, there’s usually a reason for it.

These reasons aren't what you’ve been taught to’s not because something’s wrong, that you’re too intimidating, that it’s too late or anything is missing…it’s because your subconscious mind is taking cues from the past, causing you to behave, think and feel in ways that don’t match who you are today as an evolved woman.

Once these reasons, these blindspots, are brought to awareness, everything changes. And I’m here to help you see more clearly, so you may open to the love that you already are.

Hi there.

My name Gabriella Taylor. I’m the founder of Extraordinary Love transformational educational programs for women. It took me years to recover from sexual abuse and learn how to open my heart to myself, let alone others. By walking through my own healing journey, what I discovered worked miracles for me and I just knew I had to share. I then spent two years and over 1000 hours of research interviews discovering WHY so many brilliant, aware women who yearn for partnership struggle greatly in this area.

As a result, I created a process that helped to resolve this challenge – blending modern psychology and neuroscience with ancient spiritual mysticism and quantum law.

Witnessing the way Gabriella listens and coaches other women, I’ve never seen anyone have so much compassion and patience.


Gabriella helped me to identify my true desires, she helped me form, set and keep boundaries that were so true for me it was easy. She showed me how to listen to, nurture and embrace who I am. 


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  • How to go from blocked to open to love…
  • Why you get so emotionally triggered when you are attracted to someone. 
  • How to shift the story that tells you you’ll have to settle for less or that it’s too late. 
  • To clear out the old messages that have you feeling unworthy or unlovable. 
  • How to act in ways that are powerfully aligned with your vision of love. 
  • The FASTEST way to identify and release limiting beliefs about relationship. 

If you’ve tried everything, yet you haven’t been able to crack the relationship code, I’m here to help. You fully deserve to be happy, loved and supported, no matter your history or circumstances. I hope you’ll join me in this free series by clicking the button below.